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1- Document supply Service:
PASTIC acts as clearing house for Scientific Literature for the researchers. Copies of Research Articles / Reports, Conference Papers, Patents , etc. published locally abroad or are provided to the R&D workers on demand. For this purpose a search is made for availability of required literature in Pakistan and if the same is not available in Pakistan it is acquired from abroad. This service is provided at a highly subsidized rate.


2- Bibliographic Service: Bibliographies on specific topics are prepared and supplied to users on request through Literature search, which is carried out from the online and off line international databases acquired by PASTIC on all S&T fields as well as social sciences. We have databases in following subjects.

  • Medicine & Health
  • Pollution, Environment & Toxicology
  • Biology & Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Applied Science & Technology
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering & New Technologies
  • Earth Sciences
  • Physics & Electronics
  • Communications & IT
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Aquaculture
This service is provided free of charge.,

3- National Science Reference Library: PASTIC has a Science Reference Library at the National Centre having a collection of more than 6000 books, 900 titles of journals out of which 300 are regular, approx, 300000 patents, 1340 NTIS reports and 4000 miscellaneous documents. AS it is a reference library material cannot be borrowed from this library. The library services include:

  • Fresh Arrivals: A list of all material received in PASTIC Reference Library such as local & foreign journals, books and other documents is prepared Bi-monthly and uploaded on the web
  • Reference as well as referral services
  • Reading
  • Photocopying

4- Abstracting & Indexing Service: The scientific information generated in Pakistan or abroad and published in Pakistani Journals is documented by PASTIC in the form of an abstracting journal entitled “Pakistan Science Abstracts” (PSA), under its Abstracting and Indexing Service. It is being brought out since 1962 as a secondary information source to give support to research and development activities of the country. The publication covers all the S&T disciplines and is supported with detail author & keyword indexes with a view to give current awareness of S&T information generated in Pakistan for the benefit of scientific community. Since 2003 PASTIC has started publishing PSA in the following 10 scientific disciplines, in order to expand its scope and to cover maximum Pakistani S &T Journals.

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biochemistry & Biotechnology
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Information Communication & Engineering Sciences
  • Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

5- Union Catalogue: PASTIC undertakes screening and survey of Scientific and Technological Libraries of the country to collect Information about their serial holdings. The Information received from the libraries is standardized and computerized and published in the form of Union Catalogue. This activity is aimed at having information about the information material/literature available in Pakistan.

The present Edition of the Union Catalogue covers holdings of 200 S&T libraries of the country and is available in print form and also on the PASTIC website.

6- Reprographic Service: PASTIC has a small printing press. Its facilities are used to print PASTIC's own publications as well as those from other R&D organizations on special requests. The facilities range from lay out and plate making to offset printing and binding.

7- International Information Networks/Linkages: PASTIC interacts with regional and International Information Networks and Agencies and has established links with these Agencies. PASTIC serves as National Focal Point of following International Information Networks/Agencies.

  • WHO/CEHANET: Environmental Health Regional Information Network of the World Health Organization (Eastern Mediterranean Region).

  • UNESCO: PASTIC is the UNESCO-designated national distributor of software package WINISIS, used for bibliographic database management.

  • SDC:SAARC Documentation Centre for the exchange of information among SAARC countries.

8- Training: One of the important activities of PASTIC is to impart training on computer application for office & library management / automation using WIN/ISIS, GEN/ISIS and other packages through training workshops. So far number of clients have been provided training.

9- Publications: PASTIC brings out following publications;

  • Pakistan Science Abstracts
  • Directory of Scientific and Technological Periodicals of Pakistan.
  • Union Catalogue of Serial Holdings of S&T Libraries of Pakistan
  • Technology Roundup (e-Bulletin bi-monthly).