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Intellectual Property Rights

PASTIC has also organized following workshops on Intellectual Property Rights in various cities of Pakistan.

1 A series of workshops organized on “Use of Patent Information System” 138

PCSIR, Karachi

PCSIR Lahore

PSF, Islamabad

PCSIR, Peshawar

July 24, 2001 

July 30, 2001 

1st August, 2001

August 3, 2001

2 A one day Seminar on " Understanding Patentability Issues of Scientific Research"   PSF, Islamabad 30th April , 2004
3 A Seminar on "Role of Patents in Fostering Innovations"   Karachi 21st  May, 2004
4 A seminar on "Creation of Intellectual Property Culture" in collaboration with NED University , Karachi   NED University, Karachi 09-10 February, 2005
5 A Workshop on "Creating Value in Scientific and Technological Research"   PSF, Islamabad 3rd May , 2005

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